All of our areas of intervention are based on two key words, Valuation and Consulting.


Asset Management is the heart of BOREAL's activity, procuring a synergy with our other activities.

At the crossroads of real estate and finance, BOREAL offers a wide range of "tailor-made" services in France and in Europe: strategy, financing, acquisition, valuation, intermediation and more, by focusing on investment, marketing activities and Real Estate asset management on behalf of third parties: French and international institutional investors (insurance companies, pension funds, real estate, pension funds, investment funds, sovereign funds, etc.), family offices and individuals.

In line with its activity as an actor in asset value adding, BOREAL naturally turned to the world of real estate development through the structuring of operations. This also initiated new investment products that BOREAL can offer in a privileged way to its clients.


In order to best support its clients in their value creation objectives, BOREAL has set up a brokerage department which allows to complete its range of intervention, both in arbitration and surfaces renting and thus remain constantly in contact with the realities of the real estate market and its opportunities.

Based on the above and our knowledge of our clients' expectations, we have specifically developed an advisory department that works with our professional real estate clients to meet their needs in terms of strategy, organization, IT tools and reporting, ...

The managers’ dual culture allows BOREAL to intervene in both tertiary real estate and residential real estate, the specificities and cycles of which are very specific.