BOREAL's positioning on the real estate market is distinguished by:

Total independence: BOREAL is independent of any commercial network and financial group, which guarantees freedom in its advice;

Cross-disciplinary expertise: BOREAL is able to meet the expectations of its clients in both tertiary and residential real estate;

The richness of a multidisciplinary team: BOREAL has set up an experienced team with complementary profiles, reinforced by the integration of young talents in a dynamic of sharing knowledge and methods;

A global vision: BOREAL takes a global look at each real estate issue that allows it to anticipate and act down to the smallest detail;

A requirement for quality: BOREAL is distinguished by the quality of the advice given to its clients, both in substance and in form;

A long-term relationship of trust: BOREAL is committed to working in a win / win partnership relationship both with its customers and with its partners selected over time.

BOREAL's ethics are defined as follows:

Accountability: Each file is entrusted to a member of the team who leads it from start to finish and is the sole point of contact for all stakeholders;

Collegiality: Accountability is complemented by great collegiality by which each member of the team can rely on the others and their own skills at any time in the life of a case;

Rigorous control: Any document binding BOREAL is reviewed by at least two people, including a member of the Management;

Definition of objectives: Each employee is defined a certain number of objectives which are regularly evaluated and updated;

A permanent exchange: The regular holding of Committees at each operational stage of BOREAL allows an exchange and information of all on all subjects;

A word from the CEO

"As BOREAL enters its tenth year of existence, the economic environment promises to be once again disrupted after the health crisis that the world has been experiencing. More than ever in these tough moments, it is necessary to take sound investment decisions, particularly in real estate.

The professional experience of BOREAL managers, who have been in the real estate market for about thirty years, has led them to face all types of situations and numerous technical, economic and socio-professional changes.

Complemented by the recruitment of young graduates, BOREAL has a multidisciplinary and dynamic team able to respond to any request in order to create value at each stage of a real estate operation, whether tertiary or residential.

Mastering financial concepts allows us to consider the different valuation scenarios and retain the best (s). But it is above all on the field and with all the actors that the defined strategies are carried out; my professional early experience on construction sites convinced me of this.

Completely independent, BOREAL is a responsible player who places people at the center of its priorities. The relationship with each is unique and is part of a partnership. It is the same for our staff who must be able to flourish and find meaning in their work within the company, in order to provide the best services to our customers.

It is with this strong conviction that BOREAL continues to grow by combining experience and innovation to serve its clients and partners who make our reputation and whom I thank.

The entire team is at your disposal and ready to take up the challenges that you will entrust to us."

François Rezeau.